Q:  How do I become a member?

A:   Monarch Independent is a by audition only independent indoor percussion ensemble. Each year, around October, there are pre-audition Experience Camps that will give you the best possible chance of successfully becoming a member of Monarch. Auditions will take place in October and at that time you are encouraged to audition for the instrument that most suits your abilities.

Q:  Will my high school program interfere with Monarch?

A:   Monarch only accepts the most responsible, mature, and motivated high school students. You must be able to manage your schedule, your practice habits, your finances, and your grades. We are sensitive to the schedule of high school band programs and you are expected to attend all required high school band functions. If you are involved with an indoor percussion ensemble at your school scheduling with Monarch may be a challenge but it is possible. You have to keep an open line of communication with your directors to make sure that conflicts between the two groups are at a minimum.

Q:  How often are practices?

A:   We rehearse primarily on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. We usually have an extended camp in December and also in March. We do our best to schedule around school activities. Please check the website regularly for updates and other pertinent information.

Q:  Will this interfere with Drum Corps?

A:   We anticipate many members of Monarch being involved in drum corps both locally and around the country. We encourage everyone to march during the summer months and we will place a majority of our membership in DCI groups. We will do our best to work around drum corps camp schedules.  Please take the advice of our staff when electing to audition for DCI, our staff will be a valuable resource when attending DCI auditions.  You may only miss 1 rehearsal weekend for a DCI audition.

Q:  How will I know the schedule?

A:   All Monarch dates for rehearsals and shows will be posted on the CALENDAR tab of the website. Our MEMBER FACEBOOK page is going to have more detailed and up to the minute information regarding rehearsals.

Q:  How do I stay in touch with the group and know what’s happening in between rehearsals?

A:   All members are required to have a FACEBOOK account so that we can add you to the Monarch group and keep you updated on the day to day operations and logistics of Monarch. We will also provide all members with a master e-mail and phone list. You are expected to stay in touch with your section members and technicians on a regular basis. Communication is a key to our success.

Q:  Where and when do we compete?

A:   We compete at all local shows for the TCGC circuit, and WGI Championships in Dayton, Ohio. Local shows are typically every weekend beginning mid February until the first weekend of April. WGI Championships is 6 days, April 9-14.

Q:  How much are fees?

A:   Experience Camps are $30 and are non-refundable.  There are four camps.  There are two audition camps with the fees and dues listed below.

$50  October 14: Open Auditions

$50  October 21: Call-Backs

           – Audition Fees are applied towards your balance if contracted by Monarch.

$350  November  30: DUES Payment #1

$350  December  26: DUES Payment #2

$350  January 25: DUES Payment #3

$350  February 22: DUES Payment #4

TOTAL $1,500; Vet dues are reduced by $50 for every year they have been with Monarch.  Payment #4 will be reduced to reflect this adjustment. 

Fees cover the cost of instruction, rehearsal facilities, show fees, uniforms,
instruments, sticks and mallets, floor and props, and your housing at WGI
championships. If you are accepted into Monarch, you are required to purchase your own flight to WGI Championships (see below).

Q:  Do I need to come to all of the experience camps and both audition camps?

A:   The experience camps are designed so that everyone can grow as a
percussionist and potential members have the best possible idea of what we are looking for during the audition process.  It is required that all people who are planning on auditioning for Monarch attend BOTH audition camps. If for some reason you have a conflict that you are unable to resolve due to a school conflict or some other extenuating circumstance, please contact and we will do our best to work out an alternative plan.

Q:  How do we get to Dayton, Ohio?

A:   You will be responsible for purchasing your own flight to and from WGI
Championships. Once accepted into the ensemble, you will need to make
purchasing your plane ticket your first priority. The price of your dues DOES include housing accommodations and travel in Dayton. We encourage groups of members to purchase tickets together. Those members that are under 18 will need to fly with an adult.

Q:  Does Monarch provide meals?

A:   Members are responsible for meals at all Monarch functions. We will be able to provide group meals on occasion, but the cost of feeding 50+ members and staff at each rehearsal and show would make the fees for Monarch prohibitive. We are looking into a possible meal plan for members who are interested. We will have more information once regular rehearsals have started.

Q:  Do you offer fundraisers?

A:   We offer a couple different fundraisers during the season which help drive down fees. Please do not rely totally on fundraisers due to the nature of fundraising. We will present a SPONSORSHIP LETTER to members of the ensemble as at least one way to fund-raise. Send it early and often – people love to receive letters in the mail and will take the time to help you out.

Q:  Will Monarch interfere with extra curricular activities?

A:   We will not practice during the school week except for Fridays and Saturdays. If you are involved with activities that have conflicts with Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays then it will be difficult (but not impossible) to join Monarch. Contact us and we will try to work with you on scheduling.

Q:  Can my parents help out with the ensemble?

A:   We encourage all members to get their parents involved with the Monarch support group. This group helps get us on and off the floor at all shows, helps sew uniforms and build props and paint. Parent support is an integral part of any marching organization. If you wish to help with Monarch in any way please contact:

Q:  How can I get a ride to practice?

A:   We have members coming from all over Texas. Getting a ride once you make the ensemble is usually not a problem. In the event that you make the ensemble and no one is coming from your area you are still responsible for getting to and from practice.

Q:  What is the ensemble size?

A:   Typically, Monarch consists of snares, quads, basses, cymbals, and front ensemble. The ensemble will total 40 members or more and will be determined during audition camps.

Q:  What grips does the ensemble use?

A:   The snare line plays traditional grip. The keyboards use Stevens grip. If you are not familiar with these techniques they will be explained at the experience camps and auditions.

Q:  What should I prepare for auditions?

A:   Everything you are required to know for auditions will be posted on our FACEBOOK group or this website. The members that can get through the most of this material with a high level of quality will have the best chance of becoming a member.

Q:  What is the show theme for 2019?

A:   The 2019 show title will be announced once the season has begun.